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14 Great Reasons To Volunteer in Clinton County

April 20, 2017

Others may need your talents and gifts. Come to the First Annual Volunteer Fair Tuesday April 25th at Ivy Tech from 4pm to 7pm.

The first annual Clinton County Volunteer Fair is coming up in less than a week.  Tuesday April 25th from 4pm to 7pm you will be able to pick and choose from about 30 options full of volunteering possibilities.  If you find something you like, GREAT. If not, no big deal.

You can’t do it all…but what if you find one thing that you enjoy?

Here are 14 great reasons to flex your volunteer muscle in Clinton County:

1) It is good for your health.  Volunteering gives you a focus outside yourself and keeps you active. It keeps you moving and engaged. 

2) It is good for your career.  Two candidates apply for a job.  One is a giver with a volunteering spirit.  The other watches TV and surfs the internet in all his or her spare time.  Which one do you think has a better chance at getting the position?

3) Learn more skills.  Everytime you take on a new adventure, new skills are sure to follow.  Volunteer and learning go hand in hand.

4) Real world experiences are there for the volunteering. See nature at Camp Cullom. See others needs at the Salvation Army. Lead a Scout Troop to the boundary waters in Minnesota.  This is actually happening in Clinton County non-profit organizations.  You can be a part of it.

5) Make a difference.  When we all eventually lose our lease on this world, what do we leave behind?  What difference have we made to a person we mentored or a good organization’s board we helped run? Help make Clinton County a better place.

6) Give back to a cause you can believe in.  Not everything is worth your time but something out there is worth it. Find a way to return the favor to a cause that you respect by Volunteering your precious time to help that cause.

7) Change a life.  A volunteer has no better motive than to just help.  The person you help will figure out that you had little to gain other than to help another.  By using what you know to help others, you can change a life forever.  Has your life been changed by a volunteer? Someone in Clinton County may be ready to have you change their life.

8) Make connections.  The more you reach out and help others, the more you will connect with other people, other contacts, other opportunities.

9) Become a part of the community. Involve yourself in something outside of you and you will become an important part of the community.  You will become part of the fabric that holds Clinton County together.

10)  Gain a new perspective. As you move outside your comfort zone and volunteer for something new, you will gain a new perspective. You will look through windows you have never looked through before.  As a bonus, you can help OTHERS gain a new perspective, too….and look through windows THEY have never looked through before you came into thier life.

11). Explore the unknown. As you volunteer for a cause outside yourself you will be a voyager, an explorer, a pioneer. You will champion new adventures in your life and see new things.  You will put new keys on your personal key ring.

12) Get Inspired. Prediction: As you Volunteer you will meet others who will inspire you. You will meet others who will challenge you. You will meet other givers who will cause you to become better.

13) Fun.  Many opportunities to volunteer involve just plain fun.  You will loose track of time and where you are and just be in the flow of having fun with others.  Enjoy. 

14) It is YOU.   Not the other guy.   “I’m too young. I’m too old.  I’m too ……(fill in the blank here) doesn’t count.  Yes!! Volunteering sounds like a good idea for someone else….but not me”.   That isn’t the point.  Volunteering can be for YOU.  Not the other guy.  You. Think about what YOU can do.  Don’t worry about the other guy to make a difference. He or she does not have YOUR gifts and talents.  Consider the list above with one person in mind. YOU. :>)


Watch the video below and come to the First Annual Clinton County Volunteer Fair Tuesday April 25th from 4PM to 7PM at the Frankfort Ivy Tech Campus. Free food, Free Door Prizes, Free Trip to French Lick and and great opportunity to plug into some great causes in your community. 

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